Scarlit Scandal Wows With Intense Performace

November 01, 2019

title: I Want to Taste Me on Your Fingers
star: Scarlit Scandal
co-star: Small Hands
publisher: Deeper
produced: 2019

Scarlit Scandal brings a compact body with unbelievably beautiful small breasts to a dramatic scene with fast cuts from her crawling down a hall toward her co-star over to her listening to him play guitar over to having her pussy fingered on a bed over to her ass smacked before the scene segues into a blowjob and then she is bound with straps and posed on all fours as her tied-together hands are bounced from one side of her back to another until the time finally comes for her to get fucked from numerous angles, her small and lithe body being held up in the air and leaned against the wall as she is guided back and forth for one position and then bent over on the ground getting fucked from behind with her hands restrained and her head supporting her weight as she is thrusted and then another standing position with her being held like she is being carried while her head rests against a window and her legs look amazing with the leather straps around her thighs and the black high heels still attached at the end.


Many position changes happen and they include plenty of floor sex but also a high-flying pussy eating session and plenty of fingering and slapping. Scarlit uses her versatile and beautiful body to move gracefully despite her restraints. First you see her go to cowgirl and maneuver over him, with her hands bound in front of her now, then a couple minutes later her hands are now behind her back and she is riding him that way, before being fucked up off the ground with just her tied hands behind for support.

The scene continues and you see her from more hot angles. At the end the come shot goes inside her and some more words are exchanged before the fade out. The set is sparse and simple, with a window in the background sometimes providing glare, and overall the video looks good—especially because of the scene’s new and promising star.

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Written by EL Cid a semi-legendary figure on the West Coast You can follow them on Twitter or contact them here

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