Incredible hotness from Riley Reyes

October 13, 2019

title: Aunt’s Hospitality: A Riley Reyes Story
stars: Riley Reyes
co-stars: Lucas Frost
publisher: Pure Taboo
produced: 2019

Riley Reyes has her ass sticking out enough that you can see her thong out and free above the line of her jeans as she is leaning over to blow the guy. Is it an acting talent or just an expressiveness? Either way Riley knows how to look a little bit desirous and a little bit confused in a way that makes her an intriguing woman of mystery even as we watch her fuck on camera.

Like many porn movies in this era, the plot is based around a sort of ‘incest-lite’ scenario. Riley plays an aunt who takes in a nephew with nowhere to go. After a few formalities and a card game and wandering nude into the bathroom provocatively in front of him, Riley is ready to demand sex as a condition for her hospitality, and the sex scene commences.


Since porn plots are rarely compelling and this one is no exception, the real focus is on Riley’s hot body and considerable skills. The video features her getting fucked on the couch, and the segments with her on the couch getting taken from above and then behind are among the highlights.

Rotating between positions for several minutes, the video ends with the predictable facial come shot, after which the story resumes in the sense that more words are shared at this point. But does it matter now? Riley has shown again that she is a top tier performer who can look incredible while fucking and still bring a ton of personality.

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