Lena Paul Shows Off

December 31, 2019

title: Idee Fixe: On Display
star: Lena Paul
co-star: Manuel Ferrara
publisher: Babes
produced: 2019

Lena Paul has frilly black panties on as she puts on a dress and high heel shoes: the black dress just shows off how devastatingly hot she is—her beautiful curvy body so perfectly filling it out, just screaming strength and softness and desire. Freeing her tits out of the dress and pressing them up against glass is how her scene partner starts before licking her pussy and taking her from behind: how intemperately this woman looks back while she is being fucked, part of the dress still hanging off of her—a queen in her suite, demanding and receiving what she desires: but of course, all while being watched.

The scene is shot in a room overlooking a pool—and they have all the shades up and out of the way. At first the small group at the bar just peeks from a distance but over time they get more bold and are soon exposing themselves through the glass as they cheer on the encounter going on in the room. And of course they would watch—Lena Paul looks really good grinding on dick up against glass.


After a while they move to the room’s couch and have sex in spoon position but the crowd continues to enthusiastically watch, and before long they are back on their feet and the show has moved back to the floor-length windows. Lena mocks licking one of the pool people’s pussy through the window before being fucked standing up face-to-face before they finish.

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