Questioning the female form

June 17, 2022

tall stripper

The 6 foot tall stripper is moving very slowly on stage. In a minute or two she will make her way up the pole a bit but for now she is mostly still except for occacional sweeping movements with her long arms, all still in preparation for what’s ahead as she sends her long brown hair over her head in a wave.

The dance is incredible. Walking with her to the booth a few minutes later she sizes up my height: “I am shorter than you, at least without these shoes! It’s hard for her to conceal her excitment as she lowers her round ass down on to me. “Your cell phone will get in the way so put it over here,” she tells me. But a few minutes later it becomes useful as she gives me her phone number.

money stripper

For someone with a love of the female form, a strip club offers a simple and distilled vision. The (mostly thin, mostly white, mostly young) women are desirable (they are) and the men (and women) who come to watch them want their attention, want to pay attention to them. Aside from the demographic sameness, the women are styled in a very similar way: mostly wearing dark bikini-style outfits or one piece body suits, with long hair and shaved armpits.

The styles and looks and people on the street and in the culture these days ecompass a much wider group: hair styles and body types are much more diverse, as the monoculture of glamorizing thin white women almost exclusively is giving way to a love of curvy and brown and different.

curvy bikini

You see some women in the club with tattoos but the aesthetic there prefers a more retro, unpainted looks for the most part. On the street a woman with a cool arm of tattoos can look pretty hot. As for women with face tattoos, that just ups the hotness level massively for me.

Vaginas in the wild are quite variable, while the ones seen in erotica and porn often conform to a specific type. Tits are of course also quite diverse, but you notice certain types like the ones the stripper who I text with showed me just before the first dance: the bra top was removed with a tug to reveal two stunning orbs, each leaning out in its own direction and when I felt them—she asked me to!—I just savored the soft bounciness before quickly attending to firmly encircling and compressing her nipple to make sure she knew I was consaiderate of her pleasure.

hot women

In the last a few months some strippers have noted a dip in their business, calling it a ”leading indicator” of a downturn in the economy. To add to the uncertainty of being in the late days of a pandemic, now people making it rain must contend with the diminished values of those singles. Maybe showers of 5s are not far away?

Probably the traditional cis-hetero part of sexuality is becoming a smaller and smaller part of the overall picture. So what does that mean for those in that corner as the world evolves. As I wrote a few weeks ago:

There was someone sitting on my right now instead of my right who was I think maybe a very pretty trans woman, with long legs coming out of shorts and some serious looks on her quite pretty face. She was just sitting next to me, there with other people and whatever, but it did make me cold with wonder about how I felt about this person. Do I want to fuck them? Do I want to be seen with them because they are hot?

There is a lot more to adapting to change than doing pronouns correctly! So for now I continue to drift among women, marveling at the hotness that they bring, trying to fully understand who “they” is now.

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Written by EL Cid a semi-legendary figure on the West Coast You can follow them on Twitter or contact them here

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